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Coordinated Entry


The Coordinated Access Process (CAP) is a method of matching individuals experiencing chronic and episodic homelessness to a housing program that meets their needs. Program referrals are made based on the length of time homeless, acuity (SPDAT score), best program fit, and available program spaces.

Staff offer a variety of options for intake to reduce barriers and meet individuals where they are at.

Staff assess to determine appropriate routes of either diversion supports, or intake for housing supports using a prioritization list. The program utilizes their strong connections in the community to make referrals for diversion as well as receiving referrals for housing supports.

CE works in partnership with Native Friendship and Safe Harbour to provide coordinated access to the community


The client contacts Coordinated Entry Worker the coordinated entry worker assesses their situation and determines diversion or intake into the Coordinated Access Process (housing supports)


The goal of Coordinated Entry is to provide quick access to supports to divert from homelessness and a centralized prioritization list for housing within the city of Red Deer




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