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Family and Natural Supports (FANS)



Family and Natural Supports (FANS) Program aims to connect youth who are at risk of being homeless or are newly homeless to their self-identified family and natural support system as well as establish their connection to community. The support worker will assess the situation and help identify barriers and assist in removing these barriers to prevent homelessness through a variety of strategies such as community referral/connection, life skill development, mediation when appropriate, support to find appropriate alternative housing when needed,  assist in finding financial support, facilitate a healthy relationship or contact with family members/supports and connect youth/young adult to long-term external supports or activities.  This program helps both the youth and the family to resolve issues related to housing and ensure the youth has stable and safe housing.


Once a referral has been completed (third party or self-referral), the McMan worker will connect with the young person to determine supports needs. The McMan worker will provide  support in the following areas:

  • Speak with the youth/young adult and/or adult to discuss presenting issues that are affecting housng

  • McMan worker will provide mediation when appropriate to assist in resolving these issues with the goal of stabilizing housing.

  • Support to find appropriate alternative housing when needed.

  • Assist in finding financial support to acquire and maintain housing.

  • Assist in learning daily living skills related to maintaining housing: laundry, cooking, shopping, cleaning, budgeting, bill paying, bank account, transportation, etc.

  • Facilitate a healthy relationship or contact with family members/supports.

  • Connect youth/young adult to long-term external supports or activities.



when applied upstream (before a young person becomes at risk of homelessness), Family and Natural Supports programs can prevent young people from ending up in the shelter system by ensuring family and natural supports are considered an alternative housing option to avoid a stay in shelter.


Family and Natural Supports programs can work with young people to acquire the supports and skills necessary to secure and maintain housing without potential recurrence, and potentially act as social and emotional support in times of need.


by supporting youth and their families/natural supports to reduce family conflict and avoid a situation in which a young person feels compelled to leave home.


ending youth homelessness and making housing stabilization programs a priority to help communities to reduce the number of young people who age out of the youth sector and “graduate” to the
adult homelessness sector




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