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The Arcadia program is for youths between 15 and 24 who have been homeless for three months or have a history of episodic homelessness that spans a significant portion of the last few years. Referrals are accepted based on: youth without a permanent place of residence; living on the street, in shelters or places not intended or suitable for permanent residency; “couch surfing”, or living off others for short periods of time. An interview with the youth/family being served is also part of the process. Prioritization includes reviewing all available information, discussions with referral sources and information obtained for admission and screening reports.

Once admitted to the program, all youth will be provided a thorough orientation to the available services through a process that gives youth validation of their experience and efforts. Through gradually negotiating a relationship between the youth and staff team based on mutual rights, responsibilities and expectation, staff will assist the youth to identify their strengths, values, their preferences and dreams for the future to create an Individual Plan. Housing will then be obtained, long-term  funding sources identified, education and/or employment started, develop living skills, introduce positive social supports, assisting with positive family communications and connect youth with any necessary external resources.

The Housing Coordinator will work with youths to acquire stable income sources and make regular and on-time payments, to have a job or be enrolled in school, and to learn basic self-care essentials.  The Housing Coordinator and the youth will reevaluate goals every three months.  The program will work with youths to determine a housing situation that works for them to ensure long-term stability of placement. The goal is to have all youths housed in a permanent capacity upon  discharge from the program.



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Success Story
We will be successful in ending homelessness in Red Deer when we have a system of care that can effectively and efficiently prevent/divert vulnerable individuals from becoming homeless, or ensure those who are homeless have permanent, appropriate housing and the support they require within 28 days of presenting for services within the system.
- “Everyone’s Home: Red Deer’s Five Year Plan to End Homelessness 2014-2018”


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