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When it comes to service providers, you have choice. At McMan Central we pride ourselves in delivering our services in a way that stands out in terms of evidence-based successes, flexibility to deliver and our passion for creating positive, sustainable relationships. This is what we call the McMan Central Advantage.




When it comes to service delivery, we take great care to identify and meet the specific needs of our clients. Through our client-centered approach of individualized goal-setting and planning it is possible to set each client up for success on their own terms. Flexibility means we can do things in whatever way is needed to help each client achieve the success they desire.





McMan’s infrastructure and geographic spread of service locations are huge assets for us to provide collaborative care. Resources can be brought in from our entire network to the client and location where they are needed. Any barrier to gain access to the services a client needs is either reduced or eliminated. We passionately believe in open, transparent communication when working with government agencies, clients, their families and support networks.





We believe that experience is not just the years we have been in service. Experience is our ability to use what we have learned. Our size enables us to take risks when exploring non-traditional approaches. Our extensive data-tracking and evidence-based information are assets to anyone utilizing our services. And our hands-on approach and emphasis on relationship development comes from a deep-rooted confidence in all that we do.




Client Engagement

Enabling each client to be actively involved in determining what their personal success looks like is a key element of all our programs. Client-centered goal setting and outcome planning ensures that the entire team is working towards the same goals. Once needs are assessed and a plan in place, regular and frequent contact along the way ensures every client feels supported and empowered.




Range of Services

We are pleased to offer a range of services and programs as diverse as the people who need them. All of our programs benefit from our evidence-based success that eliminates the guesswork of how we deliver. We collaborate and refer to our own programs for ways to improve and enhance what we do. We are continually learning and investing what we know back into our services.





Our foundation philosophy stems from our core values. Compassion, humanity and a client-first attitude is the hallmark of McMan services. Across all programs, our counselling and intervention models are aligned to our philosophy. Everyday we deliver on a relationship-first approach.




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