Family Resource

Network (FRN)



Family Resource Network (FRN) focuses on prevention and early intervention services for families and youth aged 0-18 years. Funded by Alberta’s Ministry of Children's Services, FRN believes that as long as a child is safe, they can achieve their greatest potential within their family unit. FRN educates parents and caregivers about child development, provides social supports, and offers coping and problem-solving skills in order to build resiliency and success within families and communities.


Through a “hub and spoke” service delivery model, FRNs (hubs) coordinate delivery of all programs and services, which are accessed either directly through a hub or via collaborative partnerships and agencies (spokes). FRN offers programs geared towards early childhood development, child and youth development, parent education, family support, and home visitation. “Hubs” may deliver all services, coordinate independent “spoke” services, or empower “spoke” services to support more than one FRN “hub” throughout certain regions.


Using evidence-based and informed models, FRN employs a continuum of prevention and early intervention services to ensure that parents, caregivers, and children receive the care and tools they need to create strong family units, foster sense of belonging to a larger community, and thrive.




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