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Success Story
Marianne was unable to care for her children due to issues of neglect, violence, and sexual abuse.  Family and friends came together to support Marianne and eventually the family was referred to McMan's CSD Program. Marianne eventually agreed that it was in the best interest of the children to stay with their grandma and grandpa. The children’s father, Eddie, at this time became more involved in the children’s lives, but he couldn’t commit to the consistency needed to parent and provide ongoing safety for his children.

Marianne and Eddie both agreed that their children were doing extremely well at grandma and grandpa’s house and had noticed the positive developmental and emotional changes in their children for a six month period.
The courage observed in both Marianne and Eddie in making difficult decisions in the best interests of their children, and the unyielding encouragement on behalf of the McMan team through the use of relationship, difficult and transparent discussions and the strategic use of authority to get them to a positive situation agreeable to the whole family was not easy, but it was so worth it. Their children are safe.




CSD (Collaborative Service Delivery), is a contracted partnership between the Ministry of Children's Services (CS) and McMan that utilizes the Signs of Safety® approach to improve outcomes for children and families. Entry into this program is through referral only from CS. Families and children in need of intervention and additional support are given services to reduce risk factors, maintain safety and increase well being. With the primary goal of child safety, CSD is focused on keeping families together and improving outcomes.

Once the referral is made, McMan works to create individualized goals that focus on specific family needs. Additionally, children and families are given the help they need to reduce or overcome the risk factors that lead to the need for CS intervention. An integral part of this service is aligning the entire support network – children, parents, extended family and the community to keep children safe. Open and honest discussions center around achieving the four goals of the program: child safety, child well-being, permanency, and family and community connections.

CSD works to establish an empowered family that can self-manage their own independence. Successful visitation, in a safe and positive environment for interacting with children will be facilitated. Through the course of support from McMan, participants will feel better prepared to handle complicating factors in their life than before. It is expected that all participants will show-up, engage in the process and be substance-free to maintain support. A flexible self-directed program works to the strengths of each participant.



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