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The McMan PDD Lifeskills Outreach Program is designed to work with PDD (persons with developmental disabilities) clients who have unique needs such as addictions, homelessness or other life challenges that prevent clients from successfully living independently. Our staff assists clients to learn skills that will encourage independence, build positive relationships and provide guidance to better support the needs of the individual.  

The Outreach program provides community access supports as well as in home supports to assist clients with everyday living skills. 



The clients that receive services in this program must qualify for PDD funding. The programs work with clients who are struggling with co-occurring disorders including addictions and/or mental health diagnosis.  




For the high risk adults we serve the key benefits of the Lifeskills Program are to build on their skills so they have the opportunity to live independently in their future.



Program funded by:

Disability Services (Government of Alberta)


Success Story

Stephen is a young man who has been through several programs within McMan.  He struggles with addiction to drugs and alcohol and has FASD.  Stephen has been homeless off and on for several years, with some jail time in between.  Through the help of the Life Skills Program, Stephen has been able to maintain housing fairly successfully.  He has been evicted twice during the last two years with McMan, but through the efforts of a team approach, he has been re-housed each time with minimal homelessness.  With the help of the Life Skills team, Stephen is able to work through housing issues and formulate strategies to keep him off the streets and housed in a safe environment.

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