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Understanding the complexities of substance abuse is an area where McMan excels. Our substance abuse programs are tailored to a variety of at-risk groups and provide long-term support so each participant can better manage their lives.



School Outreach

This program is offered to youth needing support with mental health and/or addictions. Through this program we do everything we can to make it safe for youth to talk openly & honestly about their struggles. This program paves the way for individuals to think for themselves. 



Program accredited by:

Program funded by:

Red Deer Public School District

Private and Corporate Donations



Success Story
Brad was referred to The Seven Challenges® program by his mother and father; concerned about his use of drugs and alcohol. Brad reported that he had severed many important relationships as a result of his use and had been expelled from his school. Though he was initially uneasy about the program, he was committed to improving his relationship with his parents and learning more about the effects of drugs and alcohol. He has attended sessions regularly for several weeks and has developed valuable insight into his life experiences as it relates to his use of drugs. Since attending The Seven Challenges® program, Brad has made significant strides toward improving his relationships, has graduated High School, been accepted into college, and has developed his identity as a role model for his peers that continue to struggle with abuse of drugs and alcohol.

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