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McMan Prevention Groups are designed to provide additional opportunities for support to two unique groups; young people who have been identified for concerns such as depression and drug use, and also for parents who need teachings or guidance in building positive relationships with their children.

Young people who belong in these groups have been identified as at-risk for current or future high-risk behaviours. Their group will meet at a school and discuss a variety of topics. Facilitated by McMan staff, discussions about drug use, depression, peer pressure, suicide, anger management and cyber-bullying create opportunities for youth to achieve awareness that they are not alone in their feelings

Parents who choose assistance or encouragement with their parenting, meet regularly with other parents and a trained facilitator. Open communication and guidance creates an opportunity for growth and awareness of the role and responsibility of being a parent.

For at-risk youth, the key benefit of group discussions allows for youth to learn how to problem-solve, and to develop empathy for others. For struggling parents, a supportive group environment helps them learn the tools to establish positive, trusting relationships and honest communication between parent and child.


Program funded by:

City of Red Deer FCSS &


Success Story

 “The McMan prevention group helped me to deal with my stress and anxiety better. That helped me study more effectively.”

“I got to talk about what was important to me. I was able to express myself and not be judged.”

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