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The Healthy Families program assists parents with pre and post-natal support (for children up to age 6) through home visitation. Families are eligible who present one or more of the following concerns: geographic isolation, parenting concerns, low-income, minimal or lacking support systems, among others. Through referral or self-referral, families work with McMan staff on a one-on-one and group basis to seek out and acquire the needed support.


Individualized goals are established with each family. Home visits and group classes educate and begin the formation of a support system. Healthy Families is a prevention-based program focused on connecting each family with the appropriate and existing resources available in their community.

As this is a voluntary program, participation is the first step for families who want to make positive changes. Whatever resources the family needs to be successful can be found with the help of the established network of McMan programs and experienced staff. Connecting families to community support is an integral part of this service.



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Success Story
Alice was a single mom referred to the Healthy Families program. She was living in extreme poverty and had feelings of isolation. Through referrals made by her Healthy Families Home Visitor, Alice was able to get all her immediate physical needs met, (baby furniture, clothes, diapers, formula) and she also received much appreciated support to meet her emotional needs. Today, Alice and her family are happy, healthy, and back on stable ground.

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