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Our Family Day Home program provides a unique childcare choice. Distinctly different than babysitting or Day Care Centres, our Family Day Home program provides Approved Childcare in a home setting while parents still have access to government subsidies. Family Day Homes provide opportunities for small group social play and interaction. Our family day homes are regulated through the provincial government and are certified and accredited.

A McMan Family Day Home Coordinator provides placement based on need and home availability.
All of our Family Day Home providers are screened by the RCMP and by Child Intervention Services. They provide drop-in visits ensuring that all safety and care standards are being met.

Providers receive government benefits, training and licensing opportunities.

McMan provides back-up care in the event the caregiver gets sick, and administration services to eliminate money transfer between providers and parents.''

Parents receive ongoing monitoring of the day home, fair fee scheduling, provider screening and government subsidy.



We are always opening new homes.
If you are interested in opening your own Approved Family Day Home, please contact us at


Success Story
What success looks like to a parent:

“I love my provider!”

“My provider is great at providing educational opportunities; she does very well with this!”

"Most definitely, my children have experienced a benefit from their involvement in the day home program”  

What success looks like to a provider:

“The consultant always interacts positively with the children and myself. The children love it when she comes over to read a story, do a craft, etc.”

“If there is anything I need from my home visitor I just have to ask! She is willing to help me in any way she can! She provides emotional support and is a great sounding board. I love being able to bounce ideas off each other. If I have a concern with a child or situation I know she is willing to help me find the best solution to help the child or solve any problem.”

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