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The CONNECTions program provides in-home visitation and group classes for families who are considered “at risk” due to low income, rural/remote locations, limited support systems and many others. This program is the first step to establish support for parents with children up to age six who are willing to make a change. Participation is voluntary or through referral.


Individualized goals are established with each family. Home visits and group classes educate and begin the formation of a support system. CONNECTions is a prevention-based program focused on connecting each family with the appropriate and existing resources available in their community.


As this is a voluntary program, participation is the first step for families who want to make positive changes. Whatever resources the family needs to be successful can be found with the help of the established network of McMan programs and experienced staff. Connecting families to community support is an integral part of this service.



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Success Story
Denise was a single mom with a two-year-old son referred to this program by Public Health. During Denise’s first visit to McMan, she was very shy, insecure and isolated. Home visits were arranged and Denise felt comfortable with her McMan team to share stories of an unhealthy upbringing and many abusive intimate relationships. After much encouragement to explore various community activities/workshops, she eventually gained the confidence to develop a social network of individuals with common interests. She continues to receive home visits and attend workshops. Denise strives to maintain a healthy home environment for herself and her son. She has expressed that she has gained a better knowledge of childhood development and how to implement her newfound skills in a positive way


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