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Bellies, Babies & Beyond provides pre and post-natal support and information to families through home visits and group classes. It is available to women and their families who are expecting and continues until the child is one year of age. 

All services are offered at no cost and participation is voluntary or through referral.



Home visits and/or group classes provide education and an opportunity to develop a support system.



Bellies, Babies & Beyond uses prenatal information, diet consultation, life-skills training, breastfeeding support, food coupons, the opportunity for social connection, and parenting strategies to surround expectant and new mothers with the opportunity to give their child the best possible start.


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Success Story
Sometimes the simplest information is the most effective. Janice was a mom who attended the McMan Baby Matters program to talk about her struggles with her baby not sleeping more than 1-2 hours at a time and how that was negatively impacting her life. After spending time with other moms, and talking with the facilitator, she was able to use the information to help her baby sleep. This mom was very grateful for what seemed like such simple information.


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