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Baby Biz is a program offering pre-natal classes and support up to one-month post-partum for women who are considered at risk. Risk factors may include: low income, alcohol or drug abuse, physical or emotional abuse, incomplete education, poor diet and health problems. This program is available through referral or voluntary participation.


Baby Biz relies on individual goal setting to establish what success looks like for each participant. Flexibility in our programming, transportation support, follow-up and group meetings all serve to develop a support system.

Baby Biz uses education from pre-natal classes, nutrition check-ups, life-skills training and breastfeeding support to surround expectant and new mothers with everything they need to have a healthy birth. Vitamins, food vouchers and a breast pump help prepare moms for their upcoming delivery. Follow-up group meetings and one-on-one coaching helps keep participants on track and aware of what it takes to have a healthy baby.


The goal of Baby Biz is to set up a new mom for a healthy birth. That includes everything she needs to feel prepared for her new role as a parent.




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Success Story
Dawn is a young mother who joined the Baby Biz program after learning about it on a poster at the grocery store. She was expecting her second child soon and was looking for tips on breastfeeding. Dawn struggled to breastfeed with her first child but wanted to try again once this baby was born. Being new to the area, and not having family close by, she was also looking to meet people in the community.

Dawn was admittedly shy at first, but soon got to know several of the other mothers in the group and attended on a regular basis. Her three-year-old daughter, Bethany quickly became comfortable with the other children in the group. Dawn received breastfeeding support from the facilitator once the baby was born. Though breastfeeding was a struggle at first, Dawn followed the tips and techniques she had learned and was well on her way to developing a feeding pattern with her newborn baby.

Dawn was thankful for the free Vitamin D drops that the facilitator provided and stated that she will recommend the program to others as she appreciated the support and the opportunity to meet other moms in the area.


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